The network is the technical reason why web hosts exist. Personal computers and personal internet connections can't handle tens or hundreds of simulataneous users without slowing down, nor can they handle being for long periods of time, e.g. 24x7.

Networks are fast, the are also much more reliable because the buildings in our network have generators for backup electricity, are prepared for natural disasters like fire, earthquakes, flooding, etc.

The datacenter and server setups we use are:

Fortress ITX

Location: New York, NY, USA

  • Intel CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 200+ GB SATA HDD
  • CPanel/WHM
  • CentOS 6+

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the United States? Wouldn't Australia be faster for local content?

Australia's networks are very expensive for a few reasons, one it has much less users paying for a very large distance network, whereas the USA has 15 times the population for a similar sized country. The USA also has a more modern network and has more competition.

The difference in speed is milliseconds, maybe a tenth of a second, a well optimised website can offset these issues, but if this kind of speed is important you should really be running a dedicated server in Australia. Our USA dedicated servers typically start at $200/month and Australian ones are generally several hundred dollars per month.

Why are some of the computers so old and slow?

They are actually quite fast. Speed is relative to the amount of work your computer is doing, so by loading the servers smartly we can get good performance out of both slow and fast machines.

We recommend Firefox, a safe and innovative new web browser.

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