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1.com prices are the same for .net .org .info .biz .name and .us
2.com.au prices are the same for .net.au .id.au .asn.au and org.au


Domains are the ".com" for your website, so they are critical to your success. Make sure you get the right domain(s). A good domain should be easy to remember the site, it should let them know something about the site and it should be a .com or .com.au or .org, etc. depending on the content.

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Some domain types:

Global Domains

.com $50/year

These are the most popular, they are cheap and the simplest for people to remember, if you don't tell people, they assume it's a .com

Australian Domains

.com.au $50/year

A must for Australian businesses as .com.au shows your business is a genuine Australian business, more trustworthy than .com.


  • .net.au: Australian businesses.
    Similar to .com.au. Ideal if the .com.au is unavailable.
  • .asn.au: Incorporated associations.
    i.e. clubs, political groups, etc.
  • .org.au: Non-profit organisations.
    i.e. social welfare, animal rights, etc.
  • .id.au: Individuals. recommended
    A great purchase for the family. Imagine the "Smith" family Joe, Mary and their kids Jack and Jill having emails joe@smith.id.au, mary@smith.id.au, jack@smith.id.au and jill@smith.id.au. They could also have a family website at www.smith.id.au and each have personal sites at www.joe.smith.id.au, etc.

Multiple domains

It is common practice for a website to have multiple domains leading to it. The most common is Australian businesses having both the .com and .com.au going to the same website. This is to ensure customers who accidently go to the .com or .com.au end up getting to their website. Even non businesses are getting .com's rather than .org's, etc. encase their visitors didn't realise their address was .org.au for example.

It is ideal to get matching addresses, e.g. joesplumbing.com and joesplumbing.com.au.

Example: Australia Post officially is www.auspost.com.au, but also has:

  • www.auspost.net.au
  • www.auspost.com
  • www.auspost.net
  • www.australiapost.com.au
  • www.australiapost.net

Businesses with longer names will often also get the shorthand version of their domain, e.g. jpa.com.au in addition to joesplumbingaustralia.com.au

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