Web designs can make or break the site. A site with quality information can be very useful for visitors, but is useless if they can't access it quick and easily. A well structured site should take only a few seconds for the visitor to start getting information and information should be able to be found quickly, within a few minutes generally. The site will reflect your business, and that's why it's important to make your web presence look as professional as it can.

Professional Design


Our design is 100% flexible, anything starting as small as a pixel of structure can be modified to suit your site. You can provide us strong guidelines to follow, or you can let our creative approach give you some styles to choose from. Professional web design takes 12-48 hours to complete depending on your specifications. You can be up and running within 3-10 business days after final modifications and approvals are set.

See some examples of our professional designs

Template Based Design


We have a range of affordable designs which we can offer cheaply because they have already been made. Generally these come from drafts from our professional designs as clients get multiple choices with their professional design. These are by no means inferior, just not the flavour suited by the clients for the professional design.

We can customise colour, logo, text, etc to suit your needs.

We recommend Firefox, a safe and innovative new web browser.

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